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Celexa: buy online or go visit your doctor and get a prescription first? This is the question many of us face when time comes to get serious treatment. The truth is, all of us would probably prefer to see a doctor first and talk to a real person, but reality is harsh: only ten percent of people that really need treatment in the US can actually afford it. The price of Celexa without insurance is truly overwhelming. The rest have to rely on their credit cards and online pharmacies offering generic citalopram and other medications that do not require a prescription.
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Of course, many people can't help but wonder if the generic drug they get online is really the same in quality as prescription Celexa. After all, at an online pharmacy no one asks you for your rx or wonders if you were prescribed the treatment by a medical professional. You can get it as 10 mg/5 ml, or as tablets contains 10 mg, 20 mg or 40 mg of the active ingredient. Obviously all those dosages can be increased or may need to be decreased depending on your response to the therapy - you might be fine with 20 mg a day, or may need to take 30 mg. It's generally not recommended to go over 60 mg of citalopram a day unless clearly needed. If you chose the right pharmacy, however, you will be able to find out whatever your need to know from medical professionals working there - for instance, citalopram dosage for PE. Buying Celexa online with no prescription is easy if you have a trusted pharmacy to go to - and this is just what we can offer.
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No matter if you purchased generic citalopram or the brand name kind, you need to talk with your doctor if you have any hearth or liver problems, a history of suicidal thoughts, metabolism problems, seizures, low potassium amounts in the blood or increased risk of bleeding. Since online pharmacies allow you to order Celexa without prescription, you must be aware of all drug interactions that might occur. Therefore, please do read the manufacturers' instruction